Step 1


As a first step, it is important to understand the reason behind every renovation. Whether it be a result of age and use, lack of functionality, or as the result of a flood or other damage, knowing the source of the problem is crucial to proper planning and to insure your satisfaction.

Step 2


The design and function of the commercial space are discussed extensively prior to the agreement, where all the requirements for design and budget are established.  M Plus M Pro will work alongside the architects to develop construction plans that are suitable to your needs. 

Step 3

Plan the Work

The project manager is required to perform a site evaluation prior to the beginning of the work. He has the responsibility of identifying the strategy and logistics for tackling all aspects of the project, as well as providing solutions to any limitations. 

Step 4


Our teams are composed of experts delivering high quality workmanship, under the supervision of the project manager. Much is done to limit the inconvenience that can be felt during a renovation project. We are conscious of the importance of your space and needs, and thus treat it with the respect it deserves.

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